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Advanced Patient Advocate Coaching

  Three Areas of Training are Available -
  1. The Attentive Care Unit (ACU) - Patient Monitoring and Care Management
  2. Patient Education and Informed Consent Services
  3. Provider-to-Patient Disclosure of Adverse Event Services

Advanced Patient Safety Advocate Coaching 
Gives You the Added Knowledge to Be a
 Personal Patient Safety Advocate.

You'll be better prepared to help your patient/client
before, during and after treatment.

The Results
For Patients and Family: All Are More Informed, Involved and Relaxed.
For Physicians and Staff: Better Treatment Plan Compliance and Safety 
For Hospital Administrators: Patient Satisfaction and Better Risk Management
For Health Plans: Improved Quality of Care and Less Waste

 - Advanced Patient Safety Advocate Coaching - 

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Enhance Your Services or Create a New Career 
with These Skills:

Patient Education Services using the finest evidence-based patient education products and 3D models - present to patient and family at home, office or hospital room

Informed Consent Information for 2100+ medical and surgical procedures in 
28 clinical areas in English and Spanish - present to your patient and family at home, 
office or hospital room - featuring a rich multimedia presentation with Teach-Back

Inpatient Bedside Safety Monitoring Transform a standard hospital room into an Attentive Care Unit (ACU). Use two-hundred patient safety standards to monitor for 
best-practices patient care, safe medication administration, hospital acquired infection avoidence and Never Events. 

Adverse Event Disclosure Advocacy  Provide Consultation Services for patients, physicians and nurses to make the medical error, adverse event or negative treatment outcome disclosure transparent, patient-centered, and non-adversarial.

Contact us now to learn about Advanced Patient Safety Advocate Training and how to convert any hospital room into a Concierge-Level Attentive Care Unit. 

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 Patient Safety Advocates do the following: 
* Share information about how to reduce medical errors
* Encourage the practice of patient-centered, evidence-based medicine
* Improve methods of patient education and patient safety monitoring 
* Collaborate and develop solutions that do not yet exist.

A Personal Patient Safety Representative, also known as a Patient Advocate guides your "safe passage" through the healthcare system. 
Patient Advocates help patients before, during and after treatment.

Many people find healthcare complex and disorganized.
Many find becoming involved in their care overwhelming and impossible. 
That's because healthcare is complex, disorganized and overwhelming.

The evidence also proves that healthcare can be dangerous.
In any complex, disorganized and overwhelmed system the possibility of 
being injured is very real. Healthcare is no exception.

Start Your Advanced Patient Advocate Coaching Now.

PULSE of Florida 
Your Source for 
Patient Safety Services and Products.

We encourage healthcare providers to see the safety improvement goals of:
The Lucian Leape Institute and National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF)

We encourage healthcare providers observe the Safe Practices for Better Healthcare - U.S. Department of Health & Human Services - AHRQ.

We encourage a proactive Just Culture approach to see adverse events as opportunities to improve understanding of system risk and behavioral risk. 
We encourage staff to look for risks, report errors, help design safe systems and make safe choices. Safe choices such as:
Follow procedures, make choices that align with organizational values and never sign for something that wasn't done. 

We do not provide medical advice, or recommendations, only information.  
Our services do not replace professional medical advice or treatment. 

To see a definition of The Role of a Patient Advocate by the
National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF), click here.

PULSE of Florida is working to raise awareness about patient safety and reduce medical errors through advocacy, education and support. 
We work to empower the public to make informed decisions, increase effective communication and encourage respect between healthcare providers and the public and foster community partnerships that lead to 
safer healthcare environments.

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Patient Safety Services & Products -

We do not provide medical advice, or recommendations.  
Our services do not replace professional medical advice or treatment. 
Advanced Patient Safety Advocate Coaching
 - For -
Concierge-Level Patient Education, Protection and Comfort